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The Church is horribly divided on the critical issues of Christ's return and the fate of mankind, a fact that I now find amazing and incredibly saddening. These article address the Scriptural basis for calling out Modern Dispensationalism dividing today's Church,  my feelings on this division and why I believe unification of the Body of believers is crucial to our recovery and success of Christianity in today's doubting and persecuting world.
The 70 Week Prophecy of Daniel - Past or Future...or Both?
"Why are the details so important?"
Jesus Christ's True Birthday?
I have been sharing the information contained on this Website - the coming of Christ in 70 AD, Christ's true birthday, the timing of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and more - with friends and acquaintances for over 15 years now.
The most common response by people of faith has been "Why are the details so important?" as if faith alone was enough. I simply tell them, "It depends what you are trying to accomplish for God and His Kingdom".
Here is a piece that I wrote in March 2007 in the wake of some interesting research I did on the topic.  Although the article has many Christian references, it was not meant to be polarizing or even proselytizing but rather to be thought-povoking...and inspiring.
I have friends of many faiths and was addressing many of the forces that are working against mankind in general. "Divide and Conquer" is the strategy that is commonly used by the enemies of truth. I hope that you all get something important from this.
This is a paper that resulted from intense Bible study performed over a number of  years dealing with Old Testament prophecy, the prophetic words of Jesus, the Book of Revelation, and dispensationalism ("futurism"). 
It is not a short piece, being approximately 21 pages long.  But if you have questions about what the Old Testament said about the coming of the Messiah, what Jesus said about the end of the age, or what the Book of Revelation is really about, then you might want to read this entire paper.